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Attractions and Shore Excursions

From Falmouth, visitors can access most of the tours currently offered from Montego Bay and Ocho Rios. Typical shore excursions for Falmouth’s cruise passengers include beach trips, wildlife sanctuary tours, heritage and adventure tours among others, with tour durations ranging from 2 to 7 hours. If you didn't get to book tours on your ship, visit the Information Booth at the Cruise Ship Complex for a full listing of tours and prices.

As we are a new port and are adding tours monthly, we ask that you please see the website of your cruise line for detailed shore excursion offerings for your specific cruise and arrival date to Port of Falmouth.


The sixty minute tour will pick you up from the Port of Falmouth by Trolley, then travel through the historic town pass the old Phoenix Foundry/Dome along Tharpe Street; so named after the young prolific planter who owned significant properties in Trelawny such as the famous...

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At Good Hope Estate, stroll through one of the most sought-after houses of the 18th century. Celebrate life with savory scones, pastries, scrumptious sandwiches and special teas. Take in scenic views and pack in adventure the whole family can enjoy. Visit the resident potter's gallery and purchase souvenirs from the Trading House, the only one of its kind in the Caribbean.


Less than 30 minutes away from Jamaica's cruise hub in Falmouth is the Hampden Estate Rum Tour. Journey into the heart of a working distillery established in the 1750s, explore the picturesque grounds surrounding the Great House and sample our award winning rums - Rum Fire and Hampden Estate Gold.


Take a tractor drawn Jitney and experience a working Jamaican plantation, where you will see the local crops such as banana, cassava, sugar cane, coffee, various spices and many more. Visit the “Great House”; learn the history of how and why this amazing 18th century fort became a “Great House”. See other points of interest within Prospect Estates, such as, the surrounding gardens, bird aviary, pet the camels.


Explore the lush tropical forest, which is the home to friendly birds, snakes, iguanas and other animals. Visit Little Port Royal Village, where pirates roam; view the shark show; see stingrays play; listen to the rhythms of tropical music; relax on pearly white beach; or shop for souvenirs.


Rafting is a unique Jamaican experience not to be missed by any visitor. Drift gently down the Martha Brae River guided by an expert raft-man on a 30-foot bamboo raft made for two as you meander the six-acre grounds of Martha Brae. Take a dip in the village's swimming pool, have a drink or a bite at the restaurant, swing through the air and plunge into the refreshing water, visit Miss Martha's Herb Garden or pick up a few souvenirs.


Mystic Mountain offers a medley of different ways to experience the jungle that are guaranteed to get the whole family buzzing with pleasure. Embark the Sky Explorer chairlift for a picturesque 15-minute ride. Drive your very own bobsled down the mountain on the Jamaica Bobsled ride, or traverse the rainforest on the zip line adventure, glide down the waterslide to the infinity pool and dine to spectacular views at the R2 restaurant.


The Green Grotto caves, also known as the Runaway Caves, are located just under two miles from the spot at which Christopher Columbus landed in 1494. The caves were a haven for runaway slaves in the 18th Century, and were sought after as a hideout by the Spanish during the takeover of the island by the English in 1655.


Take a guided tour of Jamaica’s wildlife Safari and experience the wonders of nature and animal life. Enjoy the sounds of rare local birds as you take a stroll through Jamaica’s largest walk-thru aviary. Observe over 30 endangered crocodiles being called, fed and handled, as well as other various species of exotic animals including the Jamaican Boa Constrictor, the gray fox, racoon, capuchin monkey, tayra, coati, spotted paca, and the Jamaican Coney (once considered extinct).


With many top rated attractions between Ocho Rios and Montego Bay, there are a variety of excursion options available with something for everyone.

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